- "The black-white wealth gap is staggering"

For the SF Bay Area, would it be more accurate to write:

- ”the Black/Hispanic - Asian/White wealth gap is staggering"

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Black neighborhoods are the direct result of the government’s aiding and abetting of segregation post-Reconstruction. And they’re rotted from the core politics and policies continue to disenfranchise in communities across the country. As earlier comment noted, when investment into communities where blacks created a community that uplifts and serves their populations with dignity and prosperity, angry, vengeful and basically jealous forces destroy it. The legislative actions continue to be used to create a serfdom level community in urban centers across the country for Black Americans. No more is it mutually exclusive for blacks: Indigenous communities are still fighting for the recognition they deserve for centuries. Immigrant communities AAPI, Hispanic are enduring this same results and the Tulsa/Greenwood Districts across the country are being legislatively attacked for any prosperity that is intended to uplift and sustain communities where divestment endures, being replaced and taking their slow investments away by failing to recognize these diverse communities in the first place.

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An interesting note but the prognosis to the problem misses the big picture. The white euro majority as a group have sustained a centuries old campaign to thwart African American socio-economic advancement. Any whiff of ‘upgrade’ to Black improvement is met with fierce euro white opposition at many levels. These same euro folks are over represented at every lever of authority, including in the govt, and carry on the inherited task of slapping down Black rights, claiming ‘60s era civil rights are unfair and violate our natural rights.

The recent Oklahoma court decision dismissing the Tulsa Massacre lawsuit is a case in point. Even when clear evidence of euro white wrongdoing in eviscerating Black wealth is raised, euro whites stand ready to put an end to the claims. And characteristically, other euro whites lay in wait to pivot the argument, and make Blacks the perpetrators to the offenders to equal treatment under the law.

Laying blame on govt action is a fraction of the problem. There is seated feeling among the larger population Black improvement is an unearned benefit and therefore they are not entitled to it.

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